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Yvonne Griffiths - Dip Counsellor MBACP


Do you: -


Feel alone, with no one to talk with you who understands.


Feel lost and confused and don’t know which way to


Feel anxious, stressed and life has become overwhelming.


Feel trapped, afraid and misunderstood.


At YJG Counselling Services we provide a non judgemental, objective and safe space for Adults, Young People and Couples to explore and address difficult emotional journeys. 

My previous career began over 28 years ago as a Probation Officer in Manchester. I now work as an Intergrated counsellor incorporating various therapies. This allows me to recognise that each person has their own individual needs. I recognise that our complex lives and difficult upbringing can have a negative impact on our mental. Which can last from childhood into adulthood. I myself have been counselled and despite knowing it was a positive step to take, I remember only too well the anxiety I experienced prior to my very first session. However, I found it was one of the most rewarding steps I made as it helped to bring closure to the past and resilience for the present.

The Benefits of Counselling

I work with those
experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, loss and grief and
trauma. I also work with individuals and couples from the Christian faith

Couple Counselling

I also work with couples in conflict or couples who want to strengthen their relationship and need support to communicate and reconnect with each other.

Grief Recovery Method

I am a certified Grief
Recovery Specialist. This is an educational method that assists individuals through 1-2-1 or group work to bring completeness to their loss, whether it be through bereavement, breakdown of relationships, loss of employment, health or
even a pet. I can also use this method to teach Parents, Guardians or Teachers to help children to grieve effectively due to the loss of a family member, separation/divorce of parents or even the loss of a pet.

The numerous advantages of mental health counselling are as wide-ranging as they are long-lasting. Offering a range of benefits, mental health counselling can bring a sense of clarity to the mind and an improved sense of direction too. In the long term, a wellness plan can help you avoid a crisis by utilising counselling sessions to organise your thoughts and feelings.

I also work with clients referred by Anxiety UK, Young People and I am a Specialist Student Mentor.

Our Facilities

Our facilities provide a warm and welcoming environment for counselling and support. We have put a lot of thought into what it means to be a client with us and have designed our facilities accordingly to feel safe and calming – we want you to feel comfortable as we help you through a difficult process. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with us. You can also request sessions in the comfort of you own home. I also do walk and talk and work online by the online platform Zoom. Message us to find out more. 


Parking available
By appointment only
Wifi on the premises
Accepts cards
Free consulting


Thank you so much for the way you conducted the counselling sessions between me and my husband. We are both now in a better place


I am so glad a found someone who was willing to not judge me and provide a safe place for me to be vulnerable.

Thank you


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